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Melody Pops

Melody Pops

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Grab a lolly and make music with Chupa Chups Melody Pop lollipops! Each box contains 30 individually wrapped, strawberry flavor Melody Pops. Melody Pops are a whistle lollipop that can play real music using a plastic stick that extends to change notes. Individually wrapped for freshness, our delicious hard candy Melody Pops are gluten free and peanut free candy. Melody Pops are perfect for birthday parties, class events, and many more fun events for kids. Chupa Chups, the #2 global lollipop brand,has an international reputation for premium flavor and creativity. Created in 1958, bringing happiness to children of all ages, Chupa Chups combines tradition with contemporary creativity and innovation. Chupa Chups has conquered the taste, the mind and the heart of millions of conssumers worldwide. Its personality and eye-catching colors inspire a Forever Fun style.


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