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The Head Nut is one of the Main Line's favorite places to buy nuts and candy. Our roots can be traced back to Temp Tee Nuts, a nut packaging company founded in 1945. Over the years, the family-owned business has reinvented itself with changing times.

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  • Michele Gargiulo

    Such a fun hidden gem!! Soooo many different candies inside. I was in heaven. Got a ton of loose leaf tea as well as Easter chocolates for my family. They had such fun molds for their chocolates and everyone was gifted something different. Will be back!

  • Rachel Leonard

    Really cool place with a great selection of just about everything-from candy to nuts and spices. Interior space is very limited, but the owners really merchandise well and product is stocked from floor to ceiling. So cool. Really neat place and highly recommend stopping in to check it out.

  • Lois Howell

    Best store in the area. I try to get as many of my groceries here as possible (no sugar added matcha, raw almonds, roasted cashews, loose leaf tea, coffee beans, cacao nibs, quinoa, the list goes on). The staff are so friendly and it’s such a unique space

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